This film is from a recent 5 day skiing trip. I aimed to fit in some timelapse shooting of bright and saturated blue skies and bustling ski slopes, colourful cafes and ski lifts based around people moving around. Unfortunately it was a bit of a disaster with only 3 shortened days of skiing in pretty bad conditions. The weather meant the ski stations were very quiet and the visibility was so bad that my shots were never going to happen.

I changed plan and started to take shots of the dull weather, on closer observation even the bad conditions seemed to offer some interesting movement and capturing what few breaks in the cloud cover there was gave some quite promising results. Not having access to a computer I was basing this on chimping the LCD by spinning the dial on the back of the 60d!

As most of what I was seeing was almost monotone and pretty flat, I decided early on to grade the shots to a punchy black and white to try and squeeze some detail out of the dullness I was seeing everywhere.

All the camera moves were created in post production, the majority were done by projecting the frames onto basic 3d geometry of the scene and animating a 3d camera to get a sense of floating through real space which I think suits the subject matter quite well. I think I got away with it most of the time, and it looks much better than panning across stills. I have just bought a Chronos Lite timelapse rail so I'm really looking forward to some “real” camera motion in the future.

The conditions were pretty awful, in most of the shots it was snowing but not visible on camera due to the longer exposures I was using. You can see what it was like in the small video clip I put at the end.

I made all sorts of botch ups from aperture flicker with too fast shutter speeds to getting snow on the lens to just badly exposing shots due to the changing conditions, all things considered I'm reasonably happy with the result.

It was all shot using a Canon 60d in an Optech rain bag perched on a MeFoto RoadTrip tripod using Magic Lantern for an intervalometer. Lenses used were either the Canon 10-22mm or the 17-55mm usually at a pretty small aperture to get the shutter speed slower as my square ND filters kept getting covered in snow and were unusable in the conditions.

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