In this video the viewer moves through an endless landscape of ephemeral shifting forms and colors. It is like he is behind a window, looking through it and contemplating the changing landscape. Maybe this window is the window of a space ship that travels through a primordial nebula, a star cradle.

I think that the video is suited enough for an ambient video projection to be used in some kind of installation. In fact, like in the case of ambient music, is not necessary to constantly put the attention on the video projection. While you watch the video, you can move randomly your eyes on something else and then shift back your sight to the evolving video, almost seamlessy.

Technical note:
This video is the result of experiments using perlin noise based 3D functions.

The rendering was made using the "POV-Ray" ( software and a bunch of self-made programs for post processing (coded in MatLab). The encoding was made using Mplayer/Mencoder (

The animation consists of one single long sequence through a cloud of forms and colors. The forms and colors never repeat themselves and they are actually the intersection of a pseudo random-function of space coordinates over a set of invisible parallel planes. The illusion of evolving forms is done by applying rotations and turbulences as functions of time to the random function.

Music Note:
While the visual part of the video has a creative commons license, the music is copyright by Steve Roach (

You can make public use of the visual part.

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