Project: Canon Powershot G1X MkII with Ziv Koren
Client: Mike Lee Thomas / Mana Media / Canon
Music and Sound Design: Box Of Toys Audio

Canon put their latest digital camera, the Powershot G1X MkII, through the motions with Tel Aviv based photographer Ziv Koren. This 4 minute showcase follows Ziv around his home city, meeting it's people and learning how the G1X MkII fares in professional application.

We tried to capture the essence of Tel Aviv by using as much wildtrack as possible. This film was very much made on the move. Rather than trying suppress and process, we looked to maintain a natural feel throughout.

The opening music introduces Ziv and his city with a contemporary and relaxed composition. Non-generic Middle Eastern influences are used to illustrate the setting and scope of modern photography. As Ziv continues his tour of Tel Aviv the music progresses to a more proactive piano composition that serves to underline the diverse and thriving culture in focus.

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