POPINS umbrella holder is an invention made by a Frenchman, Thomas Cellier, couple of years ago. It has been designed in Bordeaux for bicycles, but we have discovered that it equally works tremendously well with the strollers.

Children in Nordic countries are transported in strollers on daily basis and naturally they are always well covered. But what about the parents? They have to go out to changing weather conditions and to be ready to get wet if the rain clothes are not worn. Or worse, the umbrella is taken with them, but who can push strollers with one hand and still keep going straight? Or take care of the child with one hand? With POPINS umbrella holder it is now possible!

Both hands are free to steer when sturdy POPINS holder takes care of the umbrella. It protects from the rain, snow and sun. It can even be adjusted to protect the child while taking a nap outside in rain or sunshine.

And there is even one positive option more: POPINS umbrella holder comes with a circle that allows to bear the umbrella when it is not raining. Just in case.

Technically POPINS can be fixed to all strollers that have horizontal bar of about 2,4 centimetres (diameter), similar to bicycle's steering bar. We also provide longer screws in order to fix it to slightly larger bars. Known models that will work are for example the following: Emmaljunga, Brio Go, Teutonia before year 2014 models, ORA, Jovi, Bumbleride, Geslein F6, Britax. But the diameter is the clue so there are several other models too that will be able to carry a POPINS.

If interested in, please contact info@monbadon.com

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