13 Feb 2014
1-2pm, Sonic Lab

1st part
Simon Rose (saxophones)
Paul Stapleton (BoSS and Tromba Marina)

2nd part
Simon Rose
Paul Stapleton
Dave Stockard (percussion)
Ricardo Jacinto (cello)

Paul Stapleton’s self-designed instrument, the BoSS Bonsai Sound Sculpture, (BoSS, 2010) combines with Simon Rose’s circular breathed baritone/alto, multiphonics and harmonic textures, to explore through real-time interaction. The method of exploration commits to a free improvisation approach and the music is composed at the point of performance. Since meeting in 2010 Stapleton and Rose have performed as a duo in Germany and the UK. In 2013 they released their first CD ‘FAUNA’:

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