While a "Flight Cadet" in the RCAF during the early 1950's - my good friend soloed in a Harvard MK IV at Centralia, Ontario - Using the Microsoft Flight Simulator - FSX - This video is (my interpretation of) the story he sent:

"....Events moved along quickly. Taxi out to the T/O holding bay, engine run up, check the mags, complete the before T/O check (flaps 15, trim set, temps and pressures OK), move up to the runway threshold and watch the tower for a green light. There it is! Taxi onto the runway, line up with the centre line, throttles open, set 28 lbs, feed in a little left rudder to stay on the centre line, stick forward to raise the tail, airspeed OK, stick back…..airborne, gear up, throttle back for climb speed, flaps up, trim, look outside.
Suddenly, a moment of panic! The Harvard and I were airborne! There was no instructor sitting behind me and I realized I was totally, irrevocably alone in this monster and there was no one in the whole world that could help me get back on the ground. However, no time to worry about that we were approaching five hundred feet, time to turn crosswind to join the downwind leg. Look outside, damn it! One Harvard already on the downwind; I could fall in behind him safely. Up to circuit altitude now, throttle back, start left turn, level off. OK one Harvard ahead on the downwind, another on base leg, and one on final to land; no problem there. Better complete the downwind checklist, gear down, flaps 15, mixture rich, temps and pres. OK, look outside damn it. Watch the altitude, hundred feet high. Runway just visible below the left wing tip, position good, watch the altitude, look for the landmark (farm house) to turn base leg. OK start the turn, throttle back to start descent at 500 fpm. Keep it square, stupid! The Harvard I’m following now on final approach.
Thirty degrees off the runway start turn to final. Altitude good, speed good. Start easing into the turn to get on the extended runway centre line. Complete the landing check, set fine pitch, mixture rich, adjust the trim, airspeed a little low, add power, watch the tower for green light. There it is! Cleared to land; the runway is mine!
Over the threshold, start the flare, throttle closed, keep the stick coming back. On the ground! Stay on the damn centre line, brakes, not too much don’t want it on the nose. Taxi way coming up, clear the runway. Stop.


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