Track Changes - November 5: ‘Bottom up is not enough’.

From Newark to São Paulo, Amsterdam to Mumbai, we see the same trend of temporality, pop-up, politically-engaged, DIY architecture being presented at Biennials and architecture events. How can this generation make the transition from the avant garde to the center, from the exception to the standard, from the elite to the society? From the small scale to the large?
We have two reasons to explore this question. Our conclusions after our own involvement in such a way of working show that temporary and participatory projects often work well in the short run, but that they are vulnerable in the long run.
The second reason for being anxious to examine this topic is that the large scale, worldwide urbanization in this century is taking the shape either of self-organized slums for the poor or of top down planned cities for the rich, designed by commercial consultants using outdated modernist concepts and financed by global capital. Can we really afford to leave the massive projects of the present and the future to the blind mechanisms of commerce and finance driven development?

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