The Trevor Zoo is home to three Red Foxes: Foxy, Rojo, and Zoro. Rojo and Zoro are the typical red color, but Foxy is silver and often mistaken for an Arctic Fox. But there are more than 80 color mutations of Red Foxes.

In the wild, red foxes eat small rodents and rabbits, bird eggs, insects, fruit, nuts, vegetation, and carrion. In season, fruit can comprise as much as 90% of their diet. In captivity, they eat dog kibble, mice, chicks, and apples.

There are no threats to the survival of the red fox. They adapt well to human encroachment. However, they are often killed for sport and or predator control, hunted for pelts, or slaughtered for rabies control. With the clearing of forests, red foxes have increased in both abundance and range, despite being persecuted as a pest.

Their range goes from the Arctic circle to North African and Central American deserts and Asiatic steppes; Arctic tundra to European city centers. Their natural southern limit is Sudan.

They prefer woods, farmland, and marshes. Red foxes sleep outside, even in freezing weather, using a den mainly for refuge or raising kits.

Come visit the Trevor Zoo and meet our foxes in person.

Video created by Daniel Cohen '86 for our film "Across The Pond".

Music by S. Holden Jaffe '12, Del Water Gap.

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