The Haredi Orthodox are having to face the possibility that a new law, which ends their community's exemption from military service, is going to make it compulsory for their young men to serve in the army.

Haredim say the study of Torah is a foundation of Jewish life, that scholars have a right to devote themselves full time to the tradition, and that army service would deny them fulfillment of that religious edict.

The Yesh Atid party has been the main sponsor of the legislation to bring young Haredi men out of religious seminaries into military service or jobs.

Yitzhak Pindrus, a former deputy mayor of Jerusalem and currently council member for United Torah Judaism has said that for the future of the Jewish nation, the only thing that's going to help it is the existence of the yeshivot. He will explain the opposition of the Haredi Orthodox community to the proposed law.

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