Paris has the reputation "City of Romance," "City of Lights," and cultural center of Western Society. But, it is also a big international city where regular people live and work everyday; just like any place else.
Here is an undercover view of that world, and "Dreams of Springtime" (supplied by spring bulb gardens all around Paris, and Monet's house in Giverny ;-)
Travel on the famous Paris Metro.....from old stations to new, from old Paris to new Paris.

Songs are owned by the artists, only played along with video. Nice songs, check out their records :-)

song credits:

1st song:
"Alone in Kyoto" by AIR, on their album "Talkie Walkie"

2nd song:
Si j'étais moi ("If I was") by Zazie, on her album "La Zizanie"

3rd song:
"Happy Ending" by MIKA, on his album "Life in Cartoon Motion"

4th song:
"La mémoire vive" by Etienne Daho, on his albume Corps et Armes"

5th song:
"Les garçons dans les vestiaires" ("The boys in the locker room") by Clarika, on her album "La Fille, Tu Sais.".......cuz while I was filming the fire station they had an alarm,& the guys ran out and took off their clothes to change into fireman clothes ;-)

last song:
"J'envoie Valser" by Zazie, on her album "Zen" end with same kind of tune vid started with, only more modern Paris; & old to new subways (the old man in subway was playing "Ce qui sera sera/What will be, be" on accordion (an old Paris traditional sound)

On Facebook, this is one video; I had to break it into 2 parts here.

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