California was finally getting some more much-needed rainfall this week. A pair of storm systems was to bring much needed rain and snow to the region over the course of 4 days or so. But along with it, flooding/mudslides was a concern, despite our area in severe drought and desperately need a good soaking.

This video first shows our forecast, the incoming train of storm systems from the Pacific and what we were to expect this day of Wednesday, February 26, 2014 from the first system.

We got some light to moderate rainfall during the morning hours this day in San Jose, CA. Ponding on roadways was a concern, making driving hazardous. The rain had lit up a bit during the mid-morning hours with the sun even peeking thru. But coming afternoon hours, more rain showers were coming in from the south. We went to visit someone in the local hospital as shown in the video. Gusty southerly winds were battering the area at the time. After our visit, we were in for some more rainfall while heading back home. Ignore my mom and uncle's phone conversation lol.

However, this system's main force wasn't felt until the late afternoon our area gusty southeasterly winds and heavy rain. I was up at The Point Church at the time. There was runoff falling down from our building's roof in the front lobby. You can hear the windswept rain (while I was inside the lobby). There was a brief break in the stormy conditions coming early sunset but the winds were blowing ever-so more strongly. I even saw some mammatus clouds up above.

Then after that mini break, another storm cell drifted in from the south, blocking out the remaining daylight left. More windswept rain was encountered. However, we were in for some more wild weather by the early evening (but shown on another video). Some lightning, heavy rain and gusty southerly winds were experienced as this 1st system's main cold front moved onshore, coming in from the Pacific.

Though the rain was beneficial, it wasn't enough to reverse the persistent drought that has been plaguing the state...

**After weeks of dry and mild weather, rainy & stormy weather was finally in the forecast for California. A pair of storms was forecasted to bring several inches of rain to the parched state this week, a welcome news to a state that had just endured its driest year in recorded history. The first system had moved through California Wednesday with the second to follow for Friday. Periods of moderate to heavy rain was expected with this storm, especially late Wednesday into Wednesday night. In addition, gusty winds would blow from the south at times during this storm. The 2nd was stronger and wetter of the two systems, bringing a much-needed soaking to many communities by Friday even as far south as SoCal. This storm was capable of triggering severe t-storms. Even a tornado warning was issued around the Sacramento region! This 2nd was a more potent system indeed.

Our area got a total of roughly 2.83 inches of rainfall this month, nearing its average of around 3.22 inches. Even after a reasonably wet February, the Bay Area would still need to see five to 10 more significant storms by the end of April for rain totals to hit their seasonal averages... Even though this stormy period was a welcome sight, it wasn't enough to completely reverse the persistent drought that has been plaguing much of the state...**

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