This is an interview outlining the journey that will be undertaken by three friends, who are leading this expedition with other friends and acquaintances, in September, 2014 to Mount Kailash, Tibet, with the assistance of professional guides, sherpas, and travel companies.

This journey is based on the world's oldest pilgrimage, and pilgrimage site- Mount Kailash, which is commonly known as one of the earth's major power spots and the sacred site of four of the world's religions.

This interview explains the background and reasons for undertaking this pilgrimage, explains the process, and invites anyone who would like to come along and join us to do so by contacting us.

This expedition is also being turned into a short film/documentary, chronicling the lead up to the pilgrimage, the travel and sightseeing before and after the pilgrimage, the pilgrimage itself, and interviews and anecdotes with us, outlining and describing our revelations and experiences as we undergo this amazing journey.

The filming and editing for this project will be provided by independent film-makers and editors, and the whole project will be produced by UNA Foundation, a humanitarian association, non-for-profit, NGO.

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