I was asked by filmmaker/director Kyle Rankin (Nuclear Family, Infestation, Project Greenlight) to have a hand in planning, shooting, editing, and creating visual effects for a very unique and original Kickstarter promotional video.


I jumped at the chance to work with him on this project, and the legendary Ray Wise!

This clip breaks down one of the cooler VFX shots from the promo which uses Cinema 4D and After Effects CC with the new 3D Camera Tracker and Maxon Cineware Interface to extract camera data and import the match move into C4D.

I'd love it if you guys could check out the Kickstarter page and help us get the word out. Please consider donating. If you can't afford that, please share the link with everyone you know, and we'll call it even for all the great free tutorials I've been posting ;)


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