It was a cold icy day in Dallas with the forecast at sleet and snow, ran out and grabbed my 7D with the magic lantern and tragic lantern firmware, took some shots using crop mode which will allow you to record at horizontal resolutions higher than 1920.
This was shot at 2048 x 930 resolution.
Relying on the LV while in crop mode to get focus is difficult. The LV is low resolution/pixelized and not in realtime. I made an earlier video in crop mode during a snow in Dallas and the clips were soft and out of focus.
I learned later that cycling through the info button while in crop mode brings up a clean 5X magnify which I can now use to quickly check for focus.
Unlike the 5D2 that you can use the 10x magnify to confirm focus, in the 7D, pressing 10x magnify freezes the lv so I disabled 10x in zoom tweaks ML menu.
When another snow storm hit us last week, I quickly went out and retook similar looking scenes. I took down the previous snow video I posted.

Lens used are: Tokina 11-16mm and Canon EF 24-105mm.
Graded in Da Vinci Resolve.
CF card is a Komputerbay 64gig 1000X.
The MLV Raw format can also capture 48khz sound via MLV_SND module.
The ambient sound is from the built in mic.
More information on the 7D shooting Raw in crop mode here:

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