My New Reel

- Director, Compositor
Wild Grinders; Rob Dyrdek, Moonscoop (2009)
- Director, Animator, Compositor, Cinematography
Flap Jack; Comb King, Screen Novelties, Cartoon Network (2009)
- Compositor
Kabillion Bumpers, Kabillion (2008)
- Director, Designer, Animator, Compositor
Heart of Spades - Sometime (2008)
- Animator, Compositing, Assistant Director
In Shadows - Sometime (2006)
- Director, Compositor, Cinematograpy, Art Direction
Ragnarök, end of gods – Personal Short Film (2010)
- Director, Animator, Compositor, etc. of this personal project
Spongebob Squarepants 10th anniversary titles, Screen Novelties, Nickelodeon (2009)
- Compositor
The Spooning; Kellogg's Corn Pops Commercial, Screen Novelties (2009)
- Compositor
Chowder, Screen Novelties, Cartoon Network (2009)
- Animator, Cinematography, Compositor
Magnuzaki Studio Intro (2010)
- Director, Art Director, Animator, Compositor

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