This video has been screened at London Independent Film Fest, won a finalist award at Las Vegas Film Festival, and is being screened opening night at the First Glance Film Festival on October 14th.

Music Video is out now on iTunes!! Buy it please.
This is the new hip hop sensation Johnny Popcorn. Next Episode is the first track on their debut album. Full album available in April.

Directed By Hasmore Coyne
Staring Hezekiah Davis

DP Chris Cottone
Gaffer Tommy Oceanak
Puppeteers...Chris Johnson, Dan Metzker, Dan D'Aprile, John Keefer, Laura Jane Parker, Dan Homa.

Thanks to...Paul Hazlett, Andrew Baker, Megan McLaughlin, Chuck Scott, Matt LaRoche, Kevin Tobin and last but not least, Seth Coldren

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