"Leaked" footage shows Gay Pride in Moscow, a place where only last year Putin and the Moscow courts banned Gay Pride for 100 years. LGBT activists have been beaten up, arrested and imprisoned for daring to show Gay Pride’s rainbow colours in Red Square. The square has become a symbol for the institutionalised homophobia endemic in the Russian State.

This Gay Pride event went global, and invited people from all over the world where homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism is oppressed, illegal, threatened. Where people are imprisoned, beaten up, killed because of their sexual orientation.

Marc & Ish created a truly mischievous protest against Russia's state homophobia. They made a piece of film; imagined found footage of a “love letter” from a young Russian man to his estranged lover in New York posted on Facebook.

They shot it in secret in a studio in London, and Fabrica leaked it out into the world as part of their unHate campaign:

Filmed like smartphone footage, Marc & ish imagined what Russia’s first ever Gay Pride might look like, if Putin ever allowed it. In the middle they built a huge sleigh for a transsexual Snow Queen and her impish Fawns as a nod to Sochi's winter olympics. They dressed their hero as a camped up Minotaur. They brought in a sound system, invited all kinds of magnificent people from London’s club scene and basically had a chaotic, energy fuelled 12-hour party. Filming it all the way.

And then the riot police started to dance!

Written and Directed for Fabrica by marc & ish

Produced by Sarah Tognazzi
Executive Producer: Nick Crabb
Production Company: 2AM

Client: Benetton
Agency: Fabrica
Creative Director: Erik Ravelo
Agency 72 And Sunny
Executive Creative Director: Carlo Cavallone
Creatives: Simone Moessinger, Damian Isaak
Producers: Phil McCluney, Stephanie Oakley

DOP: Tony C Miller
Editor: Frederic Boudet
Production Designer: Marco Puig
Costumes: Lyall Hakarala
Stylist: Susie Coulthard
Make-up: Andrew Gallimore
Hair: Lyndell Mansfield
Post Production: MPC
Colourist: Richard Fearon

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