This driver wants to stop at a place of ill repute to see the video of how recklessly she drove. Why was she not there driving. She knows what she did and that it was wrong. After being notified about the cameras and the fact that the member stated to this female driver that she picked the wrong truck to do that around she resorted to shift blaming. Well does the video show you doing this or this on the radio to shift blame away from herself making up events that never happened.

This driver was making a joke out of everything including the fact that she cuts off the Super Service driver who was driving very safely and minding his own business in the right lane. The member had not even achieved a safe braking distance and distance enough to yield right of way to the truck being passed and as such was still passing. To this she replied no you were not. The member was barely one truck length away from the super service when the video clearly shows this female driver cutting him off and attempting to pass on the right.

The execution of the maneuver was so precise that we are convinced that she has don this before. This driver is unsafe, reckless and has no respect for public safety. She needs to have her license revoked before she kills someone.

Comments made by this female driver to this member were:
You sound like a rookie
Technically I never passed on the right
Come to the body shop parking lot I want to see the video.
You're making me laugh you don't have any cameras
You're not going to do anything

This driver is full of herself. We hope she still has a sense of humor when she is called in to explain herself if her employer ever gets enough courage to open up the video. Here's why.
Linda The Safety Director Sent this email tot his company:

This email is intended for the safety department and the owner of this company.

One of your drivers ( A Female ) was videotaped driving recklessly on I80. According to our legal department her driving is also classified as reckless endangerment. All the information needed is contained in the video. Follow the link below to the video.

Video link:

And this is the response that was received back:

As much as I appreciate this information I am skeptical about opening the link in fear that it is a virus. Who are you and who do you work for? You email does not mention your company name anywhere.

It a no wonder the drivers of this company run wild.

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