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What happens if you received an inheritance and are now getting divorced?

We all live life. Most of us don't really plan on all the possible scenarios for the future. As a divorce lawyer, that means that many times I see people who say to me "Mr. Hait, if I had known that we were going to get divorced, I never would have….."

Well, let's talk about "never would have" and inheritances. The basic rule in Israel is that all of the assets that a couple amasses while married are split equally at the time of divorce. That being said, there are exceptions – but (and this is a big "BUT") only if certain actions were taken regarding those assets prior to divorce. Sometimes way prior.

Let me be clear – I encourage everybody to get a pre-nup or if they are already married to enter into a monetary agreement that is ratified by the family court or Bet Din. However, for those of us who don't here's what to look for: an inheritance does not have to be split with your divorcing spouse if it was kept totally separate from the time received until the time of divorce.

What do I mean?

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