Project Name: AR You There? (Forest)
Year: 2014
Artists: Bohdana Machynska, Katarzyna Gorska, Monika Madrak

The multimedia installation AR You There? (Forest) provides the ability for physical and virtual elements to interact in real time. The physical elements are graphic markers that are read by mobile devices. The assumption was that the markers will be placed on T-shirts. As people walk into the room wearing our t-shirts, they will face a large screen. Thanks to a web cam on top of the screen, the markers on their shirts will trigger short animations. The viewer will be able to watch as the animation seemingly appears on their shirt. The style of the videos comes from the project’s main theme, Are You There?, which inspired us to create a dark and mysterious forest filled with wild creatures that lurk in the shadows. Although the animations have a different artistic style, they share the same creepy atmosphere.


music: The Silent Comedy - Barthlomew

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