Naturist Issues Network - Official Video -

Hello Everybody, I'm Ton Dou

I produce Bare Body Freedom Songs, Documentaries and Music Videos,
and will be showcasing them on Bare Body Freedom Reality TV very soon.

Bare Body Freedom as I define it, live it, and promote it, is the responsible
at will practice of simple nonchalant nudity, publicly as well as privately!

It is nudity in the way most of us experience it when we groom and bathe,
and as you'll see in the BBFRTV series episodes, Bare Body Freedom is
realized in a variety of other equally ordinary ways as well.

I started the Naturist Issues Network with hopes of merging the demographic
on all levels and in all areas for the purpose of identifying and addressing all
the issues that adversely affect every persons practice of simple nudity, and
I'm hoping it will serve as a community of participating contributors on behalf
of the cause.

Our nakedness reveals our single most natural state of uniqueness, it is our
truest form of identity, and should be accepted and appreciated for all that it is.

Nakedness predates any form of governance, and the freedom to enjoy and explore
it whether for artistic, personal, recreational or spiritual purposes is rightfully ours.

Nudity in general is often mocked in news media reporting and
primarily eroticized in the entertainment industry, leaving simple
nudity with very little notable representation in the mainstream.

If merely seeing is believing for most people, the majority of the
worlds population is going to develop mindsets based solely on
what is portrayed in the mainstream regarding nudity in general.

Simple nudity is harmless and healthy, and should be experienced
by anyone who so desires, without fear of ridicule and punishment,
yet it is criminalized in some places if practiced in the view of the
general public with penalties that end careers, destroys families
and severely ruins lives.

People like many of you and I who are aware of and value greatly
the natural wonders and benefits of simple nudity, wholeheartedly
support laws that address deliberate offences involving nudity in
general, ... however, whenever and wherever they occur ... but
the majority of the laws are written and enforced indiscriminately.

Rather than encouraging members of the general public who wish to
report deliberate offenses involving nudity in general to consider the
behavior of an individual apart from their state of nakedness, the laws
suggest an individuals nakedness is an offense, an attitude historically
perpetuated about the human body that flies in the face of the creator.

Bare Body Freedom is as natural and significant a human right and life
choice as any other and should never be legislated as criminal behavior.

I'm reaching out to every free spirit in every part of the world to join me!

I believe this law of nature is destined to prevail once we've set aside our
individual idiosyncrasies and personal interests long enough to unify and
and organize an overwhelmingly compelling campaign for its legitimacy.

Thank you for watching this video, thank you for being part of the
Naturist Issues Network and thank you for all that you do in support of
simple nudity! :)

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