Haverford College was pleased to welcome author Martin Amis to Founders Great Hall for a reading and conversation, followed by a book signing, on Wednesday, March 5.

00:00 - Why my obsession with Hitler?

00:45 - Differences between Hitler and Stalin

05:09 - Differing Ideologies

07:15 - Destroying Civil Society

10:59 - Recently finished novel on the Holocaust and an afterward on Hitler. What can explain Hitler?

18:05 - Hitler’s drive towards self-destruction

20:55 - Coming to terms with what happened.

25:45 - Say something about your ongoing interest in the Holocaust, 9/11 and Nuclear War

27:50 - Writing is weird. Why is that?

30:57 - Writing comes from beyond the conscious

33:40 - Can you say something about the utilization of language to create characters?

38:18 - Different approaches between fiction and nonfiction.

40:48 - The civilizing effects of literature

44:35 - Comments on political correctness, “anti-intellectualism” and ideology v. religion

49:03 - What does the life of Christopher Hitchens mean to you?

54:00 - Hitler increased violence against the Jews in 1942

56:27 - The fragility of democracy

1:02:50 - Writing Memoirs

1:06:20 - What poets do you admire?

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