The Right To Information Act 2005 gives the citizens of India the power to seek information from government bodies, and in effect, bring change. This PSA makes us aware about the changes that have already been brought by using the RTI Act as a tool. India already has it's superheroes, and they are making the country a better place, one RTI at a time.

Produced by Skylark Productions (Savio Shenoy)
Written and Directed by Reema Sengupta
Cinematography by Shikhar Bhatnagar
Music by Ramon Ibrahim
Editing at Pixion Studios
Colour Grading by Rajat Diwan

Sameer Zaveri
Simpreet Singh
Ruben Mascarenhas
Sandeep Ohri
Santosh Thorat
Vidya Vaidya
Shailesh Gandhi
Shinjini Raval
The People of Mumbai

Special Thanks to
Surekha Sengupta
Sunny Hinduja
Nabi Shah
Chetan Kothari

[Right To Information is the only tool available to the citizens of the democracy that is India, through which they can hold the government responsible. It is an Act through which Indian citizens can seek information from public authorities, who are legally bound to respond within a 30 day period (48 hours if life or liberty of any person is involved, 45 days if concerning corruption and Human Rights violation by scheduled security agencies). A lot of concrete change has already been brought by using RTI, since the Act was introduced in 2005.]

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