prophet(PUH) said & he (puh) said also: to have a person guided by you is better for you than getting red camels(expensive camels in arabia). This Guiding to marouf (good) will have same reward as his followers & this guiding to bad acts that anger Allah will have same punishment as his followers & this creating a Bidaah not from Islam , his bidaa is unaccepted & is a misguidance in hell !

Quran came as general rules clarified in hadiths .The prophet was a Quran walking on know how he treated his wives,companions,his habits & sayings in hadiths, he was sent to be an example to follow. Quran stated that we must follow the prophet sayings & habits:

As For Women :
The Propeht (PUH) used to help his wives in housework & go out for prayer at prayer time
& he called them by the names he liked preventing any backbiting among them.

Once Aisha said about safyya that she was short so the prophet (PUH) said : you said a word that can pollute all the sea water .

He (PUH) said : treat qwarir (women) kindly.
Women are men brothers & only the generous honor them but the mena who insults them.

Marriage :
He (PUH) said : Marriage is half religion & this doesnot like my sunna isnot from me as i marry women,fast & have breakfast, pray at night & sleep so extremists destroy themselves & will be defeated by this strong religion that needs to be deepened in gently.

Women are created from a crooked rib so enjoy them as they are as if you try to straighten them , you will break them.

Women lack religion as they donot pray or fast in their monthly periods & Mind as 2 women witnessequal a man witness (as they are more emotional so if a woman forgot or used emotion more that logic,the other woman can remind her in witness)

Relation with Wife:

He (PUH)said :
if i was to order a human to prostrate for another human , i would have ordered the wife to prostrate for her husband & if she dies while her husband is angry with her, she may be in hell.
2- Allah cursed women grave visitors

Oh Women ! give charity as i found you the most hell inhabitants as you curse much 7 anger your husbands denying their gratitude.

If a Husband asks his wife for bed & she refuses, angels will curse her till the morning.

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