seeking help from humans & the dead is polytheism ( Shirk) the same as praying in mosques with graves as the prophet ( pbuh) said what meant Do not make your mosques graves . so one should say : Ya Allah Madad as Allah ordered to ask him only as he is alive & responds & the prophet said what meant that suplication is the worshipping & those not asking Allah,Allah will be angry with them , From Allah greatest names of response:Malik Mulk,Hannan Mannan Badi Samawat wa ard , No god but u subhank i was from the unjust ( Yunus Supplication ) & give salutions to the prophet after supplication not to be blocked from the sky.

42- This saying astaghfir Allah & i repent to him 3 times after imposed prayers will have his sins deleted even if he escaped a battle.The supplication of 1 person to another is responded &angel says amin u will have the same. A wine addict,parent abuser,relatives Non Joiner,This not jealous about his women bad behaviour & slandered DONOT ENTER HEAVEN.Allah cursed those putting tattooes,wig hair,changing eyebrows or landmarks or teeth ,giving & taking bribes.Every remeberance or guiding others & a smile to a brother is charity.purity is half faith,subhan Allah & thanks to Allah fill in between earth & sky.prayers & patience are light & charity is a proof.This guiding to the good will have the same reward as his follower & is like good doers & vice versa regarding this guiding to sins .Iinform about me even a verse .In Hadith Qudsi ( guide others before u ask me & i donot respond to u or the good people of u) As in Hadith.

The last one to enter heaven will say : Oallah there is no place so Allah will seat him & ask him to wish so he gives wishes & Allah doubles his wishes as in hadith.Another HADITH says :He will have 10 as much as the whole universe .Another says : he will get 15 as much as a king -of this life -possessions BUT the highest in heaven will have what was never seen or heard or imagined by a human in world with prophets ,martyrs & honest traders.In Heaven there r HORS with renewable beauty The Prophet (PUH) WARNED : This leaving PRAYERS disbelieved.This who go to a fortuneteller BELIEING waht he said DISBELIEVED .Allah doesnot respond to those earning HARAM MONEY . THOSE NOT ENTERING HEAVEN : WINE ADDICT,HAUGHTY,THIS NOT JEALOUS UPON HIS WOMEN ILLEGAL TIES WITH MEN,PARENTS ABUSER , SLANDERER & RELATIVES REJECTOR.Allah doesnot LOOK AT :Liar Prince, Haughty Poor & old man doing ZINA .This Swearing to give something but doesnot do.

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