TAR digital edition presents the SKINWALKER project.

Skinwalker is an ongoing collaborative project initiated by the painter Diana Wehmeier
and the photograpers Pierre Horn & Eileen Huhn after they discovered resemblances in their
respective working fields. Dancers and Models were transformed into creatures becoming
part of a painting. The project were concluded in a performance and exibition at Atelierhof
Kreuzberg Berlin in late september 2013.

A Skinwalker is a person with the supernatural ability to turn into any animal he or she
desires in some Native American Legends. Similar lore can be found in cultures throughout
the world and is often referred to as shapeshifting by anthropologists.
We all are more and more included and overlaped by digital processes and layered by interferences,
that have an influence on our communication and interaction with other people.
The images created within the project SKINWALKER show techonological and synthetic
aspects of being human or even »posthuman« right now; a term which is used in the concept
of transhumanism - the enhancement of the human condition transformed by technological

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