A great couple and an extraordinary wedding in Crete. What a beautiful wedding that was!
When we first met, the instructions that the couple gave to us to was to create something completely different than this. We where to make a short film with interviews and people talking to the camera. But the problem was that they had so many guests that we couldn't possibly set interviews and at the same time make them look as good as we wanted. So it was a last minute decision we made to film it in a more cinematic way. I grabbed my steadicam, switched my camera to 60fps mode and tried to get as many moving shots as I could. Later I found this amazing tune from the film: The great Gatsby, and all the pieces of the puzzle just fell ito place.
Two people from two amazing families. Such class that wouldn't deserve any less than a cinematic film.

Enjoy it and feel free to comment.

George Pada, Manolis Levedelis, Vasso Tzilivaki.

Song: Nero - Into the past. (I don't own the rights.)
Get it on itunes: bit.ly/1lWAYyh

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