video shot and edited by: George Forste

2014 idgf underground

band members:
Diabtz - Guitar/Vox
Jimi Shitbag - Drums
Soap - Sex Bass

Cardboard Casanova is composed of William 'Diabtz' Johnson and Jimi Shitbag.
Diabtz, originally in a similar punk band called Bob's Dead, Now What?, was looking for a new project to really push towards the idea of making music more than a hobby. The idea of a 3 piece came with the promise of less hassle in coordinating schedules and styles and just getting down to the music.
Jimi met Diabtz when BDNW and Jimi's former band 'Crawling From Beneath' played on the same bill. Jimi played guitar in Crawling which was more of a Rock/Metalcore style band and was immediately drawn to the more punk styles of BDNW. Over the course of time and along with the falling out of Crawling Jimi became the drummer for BDNW who had never had a permanent drummer until that point.
Once Diabtz felt the need to form a more seriously motivated project he and Jimi started Cardboard Casanova. Crawling From Beneath's bassist Zack 'Pac-mon' Webb was brought in to complete the trio. However because of financial and time management issues he was forced to leave before they had played a show together.
Rhythm Guitarist from BDNW Tyler 'Soap' Horner is filling in on Bass for Casanova while they write, play shows and look for a permanent bassist.

source: facebook

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