Plazaplus is a festival programme existing of innovative film and theater, that uses media and technology in a subliminal way. Plazaplus aims to present a multitude of innovative and artistic explorations by emerging and established international artists. The selected programme presents a broad range of yet unexplored terrains in media art and live performance. This event was hosted by Plaza Futura, and curated by Gieske Bienert, Wiepko Oosterhuis & Olga Mink.

Invited artists plazaplus 2010:
* Sophie Clements (UK) - Artist in focus
* Quayola (IT) - Natures, Strata II, Artist talk
* Recoil (DK) - Body navigations
* Hauschka (GER) - Ghost Piano
* Jeff Desom (LU) - Ghost Piano
* Raquel Meyers (ES) - Live cinema
* Goto80 (SE) - Live cinema
* Ilan Katin (US) - DJ/VJ
* CultureTV (NL) - Screenings
* J. Peter Schwalm (UK) - Concert
* Mira Calix (UK) - Natures
* Oliver Coates (UK) - Natures
* Hans Beekmans (NL) - Talk & Screening
* Optofonica (NL) - Screenings
* Francien van Everdingen (NL) - Presentation
* Olga Mink (NL) - Sjansmachine
* Carmin Karasic (NL) - Sjansmachine
* Rolf van Gelder (NL) - Sjansmachine
* Lady Aida (NL) - DJ set
* Jamaican Jukebox (NL) - DJ set
* Skatalikes (NL) - Concert

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