7 x 52'
Réalisation Pascal Sarragot
Production : Eliocom production / Distribution System TV

Cette série montre comment hommes et femmes vivent leur quotidien, loin de nos sociétés modernes. Pour y parvenir, deux animateurs de sexe opposé suivent deux personnages emblématiques d’un village : «Lui, suit l’homme; Elle, suit la femme. Ces duos explorent ces deux mondes en partageant leurs modes de vie, leurs coutumes, leurs joies mais aussi leurs peines.

Une collection qui conjugue aventure et connaissance.

Worlds Apart

This series shows how certain men and women lead their daily lives far from modern society. To portray these very different lives, two presenters, of different sexes, acompany two emblematic characters from a village: « He follows a man, she follows a woman ». The duos explore two worlds, revealing and sharing their life-styles, customs, joys, setbacks and disappointments. The relations between these men and women are often very different from what we know in the western world.

A documentary collection combining adventure and learning

Destinations :
Madagascar – South Morocco – Sri Lanka – Burkina Faso – Cambodia – Bolivia – Marquesas Islands

Destinations :
Madagascar – Maroc du Sud – Sri Lanka – Burkina Faso – Cambodge – Bolivie – Marquises

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