Nokia Siemens Networks challenged us to create a distinctly innovative brand experience that would position them at the forefront of technology, engage their customers and reinvent ‘The.World.Connected’. The principle communications objective of this piece was to convey key business trends and information, as well as bringing to life the core brand statement of ‘Connecting the World’.

Based on an augmented reality back-end the Cloud is a networked experience which uses a tangible interface that connects people with content and each other. A geodesic sculpture houses multiple puck-like objects which, when presented to the surrounding screens, launch the interactive experience.

Using a computer vision system, markers are tracked in a real time, 3D environment, with spatial dynamic and a surround sound system. Each ’puck’ has a unique marker which triggers a response in the form of media-rich content focusing on a particular industry theme. This content shows a cluster of solution-related topics that can be navigated through direct manipulation via a carousel-style floating interface using a dialling-like gesture. Connecting ribbons dynamically link related content and users together in this wholly immersive experience.

The NSN Experience Cloud is an adaptive system with a bespoke CMS that is scaleable across many platforms, currently ranging from wall to tower and table formats. A modified version of the installation also appeared at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2009, and smaller scale versions are planned around the world.

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