In order for the public's use of the toy music box to affect the projection/music, Adrian McEwan and I got an Arduino to act as a USB keyboard, sending key-presses to the laptop according to human interactions.

In this video, we test the reset function. I wanted the Arduino to reset the installation (go back to the start of the music/movie) if a user hadn't touched the music box for an amount of time. Keep your eye on the Text Edit window. When Adrian touches the music box, the Arduino sends a keypress of 'T'. When he touches it again within five seconds, nothing happens. When he doesn't touch it for over five seconds, the Arduino sends a keypress of 'N'.

These keypresses of 'T' and 'N' were just so that we could see it working. The final version would send numbered keypresses that would be bound to hyperlinks that loaded the different html pages that would make up the projection.

Find out more about the project at

Night Sun was commissioned by Nottingham City Council for Light Night 2014, funded by Arts Council England.

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