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Keith Kobland, SU News: Man’s best friend is getting some help from students at Syracuse University.

Kelsey Modica, Phanstiel Scholar: Just seeing these animals here and what they have to go through—it’s very sad. You know, that animals can’t speak for themselves or give them a voice and I think that’s very important.

Keith Kobland, SU News: Half a dozen students recently toured the Central New York SPCA. Soon these students, who come from a wide range of schools and colleges here at SU will hold a fundraiser to help the animals at the shelter.

Amanda Ortiz, Phanstiel Scholar: I love to help, I do. It’s just something in my heart that I enjoy, helping people and trying to help out ad trying to make, you know, little changes in people’s lives.

Keith Kobland, SU News: Each of these students shares a passion for doing just that. It’s one of the common bonds of the Phanstiel Scholar.

Katherine Arts, Phanstiel Scholar: The whole point of this, the Phanstiel Scholarship is a lot based on giving back and community service, which is why I got in high school to begin with. I was very active in high school with community service. So I think doing stuff in Syracuse—I mean animals are the easiest thing to give back to because who doesn't love Syracuse?

Keith Kobland, SU News: The Phanstiel Scholarship made the SU dream a reality for these students. But in exchange they are asked to do something that for these young adults comes naturally.

Kelsey Modica, Phanstiel Scholar: When you do something for someone who really appreciates it, I think that’s when you get that sense of, just, it’s, you can’t even explain it because it’s just a great feeling.

Keith Kobland, SU News: Which is what brought them here today, part of a life-long commitment to helping others, even those with a wagging tail.

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