Composer: David V. Montoya
Poet: William Wallis
Artist: Lorato Mastebroek
Conductor: Brad Pierson

IV. Fly Free By Day, Swim Deep at Night

I wake in a net of lost chances
Drawn close about rising fears;
Yet there is peace in design—distance,
Repetition, even ancient arrears.

You leave again tomorrow
To later return from distant places
And free my thought from old sorrow
Determined by the god of long races.

There is no need to ask why parting goes on
When joyous pain prolongs such flight;
I do not think I will die today, dear son,
But even so—fly free by day, swim deep at night.

World Premiere peformance by whateverandeveramen. on February 7, 2014.

To see the full concert performance, including a reading by poet William Wallis, visit

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