Anna Chan:
The Divine Performing Arts group has just finished their final show in Queensland
and heading south will tonight perform th"Chinese Spectacular" in Australia's
capital, Canberra. Here's what Brisbane audience felt after seeing the show:

[Sean Cleary, Human Rights Educator]:
"Wonderful, visual spectacular overloading the senses the colours the movement, the co-ordination of all the dances, just fabulous."

[Heidi Bushell, Business Manager]:
"It really did impact me, the spritual side. I grew up with Buddhist teachings
through my family and I was very drawn to the compassion and the teachings of
forbearance and truthfulness. That rang very true with me."

[Freeman McGrath, Composer, QLD Orchestra]:
"Its impossible as a musician, to not reflect on the music you?re hearing. It was
interesting to hear some of the different structures in Chinese music, particularly the pentatonic scale and how that's used. And I loved the erhu performance and that was probably my highlight as well."

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