In this speculative future, I imagine a world where the titans of Wall Street now inhabit Wisteria Lane: Unemployed hedge fund managers and stock brokers have given up the job hunt and taken on the identity of household manager.

Drawing on skills learned in ivy league business schools and trading room floors, the new class of stay-at-home dads have reframed traditional domestic responsibilities to create an emerging competitive market based on social capital. They apply traditional hedging strategies (short selling, futures and derivatives, anticipating events and discounted securities) and employ sophisticated algorithmic modeling technology (Leapfrog) to advance their children’s prospects in the world and compete for status among their neighbors.

Parents base investment decisions on children's underlying assets and speculative value, buying the right for their child to spend time with children that have higher social capital, thereby enhancing their Social Networth.

This video promotes Leapfrog's electronic trading platform and biofeedback sensor, which enables parents to monitor and actively manage their child's social interactions to increase their Social Networth.

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