Anna Chan:
Each spring, thousands of snow drops bloom in a special place in the Czech Republic. Our correspondent Vladka Maskova shows us this natural wonder.

Far away from the typical busy city life is a place of peace here in Vysoky Les - a unique meadow hidden between two hills. Here grows hundreds of thousands of spring snowdrops. It is among the first flowers to bloom in spring here in the Czech Republic.

[Bronek Kralicek, biologist]:
"Snowdrop in Latin is called ' calantus nivalis'. It grows especially in leafy woods. It is a protected species in our country. It is a poisonous plant with large amounts of poisonous glycosides."

The forest carefully guards its treasure so it is quite difficult to find such an exquisite locality of snowdrops. One could easily get lost in the maze of forest paths. Up and down and still straight were the directions from the natives. Then the breathtaking scene slowly appears.

[Bronek Kralicek, biologist] :
"The area of Vysoky Les was founded in 1994 and is spread out to more than two point two hectares. It is rare to see this quantity even in our region but also in the whole Czech Republic."

Like many other beautiful natural heritage sites in the Czech Republic, the snowdrops in Vysoky Les are being protected and cared for.

Vladka Maskova, NTD, Czech Republic

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