Brian Cartier of Pen.Ink Design Co is featured in this weeks episode of NH Seacoast A&E. Brian is the founder and chief of creativity at PICD.

Pen.Ink was originally conceived in 1995 as the brand name given to the tattoo work of our then incarcerated artist, C (the name is abbreviated from ’penitentiary ink’). His work is a unique combination of graffiti and tattoo art, with an old school street art influence. C is also a history enthusiast, many of his pieces have an obvious historical or spiritual tone. Love it or hate it, his work will not leave a neutral impression.

While incarcerated, C’s tattoo work became highly sought after and quickly gained popularity throughout the prison where he was held. As word traveled, it became more and more difficult to hide this practice from prison guards. But, after seeing the kind of work he was doing, many of them allowed his work to take place and aided in finding places where he could work undisturbed, many of them becoming customers themselves. C's work has become well known all over the west coast.

In 2006 Pen.Ink Design Co. was established as a t-shirt brand by C's youngest brother, B. The brand was instantly accepted and sought after by many emcees in the Boston, MA area- showing up in several music videos and publications, including XXL Magazine, and music Videos by Reks and Edo. G. B later started customizing shoes under the brand, and C eventually went on to pursue other ventures. As orders for custom work started to come in from all areas of the country, apparel was placed on the back burner.

After several years of building the brand on the foundation of its customization work, P.IDC is finally once again offering apparel, with a new approach to maintining the exclusivity of our pieces and has plans to expand product lines very quickly, while still keeping all offerings on a limited edition basis. P.IDC embodies classic street style blended with modern fashion, with an old school hip-hop flavor. Created for those with a deep appreciation for street art, individuals, who prefer not to follow.

P.IDC is also involved in many initiatives involved in the betterment of our communities, organizing events such as Hoopla™, and sponsoring other events local to their current headquarters in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire and the Boston area.

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