Fabra i Coats and Insectotropics, with the support of Telenoika, are initiating three creative experiences that take sharing to thread The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri.

The three days will be divided as follows :

Inferno ::: May 17
Purgatory ::: July 4
Paradise ::: October 4

There is an open enrolment process for each of the days .

This idea aims to be a shared testing ground, open to the public, to build on the basic principles of the company: multidisciplinary artistic language and collective work .

The call is open to artists from any field :
video creation, film, painting, sculpture, music, performing arts, theatre, dance, set design, photography, lighting, writing, etc.

The workshops bring together artists of all kinds in the same space, surrounded by public, working freely, individually or collectively, developing proposals over five continuous hours of experimentation.

Together, live and with materials that share the same space, we will all develop a multi-sensory action halfway between performance, work in progress, live action theatre or cinema with public liability or asset, willing to interact with any of the proposals that will be created throughout the day’s action.

+ info: insectotropics.com

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