Installation: paper, glass, salt, wooden structure, lamps.

Invited by Lithales Soares, the program director of Camões Library, to create an art work for the library’s gallery, Marta Traquino and I decide to do a collaboration. After many discussions, Marta and I became interested about the various ways people were using this library and also its relation with the Tagus river (rio Tejo). Since we were interested in the life of this library, we decided not to use the given space for art exhibitions, instead we inhabited one of the reading rooms.

Thus, I created a light table installation where shadows from salt drawings on glass are projected on sheets of paper. These shadows formed by “salt marks” are tracings of illustrations and objects. The first ones are from some of the books that I picked from shelves of the reading room – books related with the Portuguese discoveries and colonialism; the other tracings are from found objects collected by the margins of the river – ropes, cables, rocks, among others. The intensity of these shadow projections depended on the sun light and the time of the day.

Marta Traquino developed a series of instructions that invited people to write about something that they observed or noticed along their way to the Library. These short paragraphs were read out loud by other people on three different reading nights. Every reading night happened from 7 pm to sunset – the only illumination at night being the light table installation.

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