My friends and I are proud to present our Fourth full length Video.

Michael Chalmers
Trevor Ribeyre
Daniel Higgins
Cory Mcallister
Patrick Hooney
Brandan Soros
Justin Yarn

Cole Nowicki
Matt Gravel
Phil Belleau
Richard Redman
Keith Allan
Eric Timmins
with many friends

The many friends listed below in order of appearance
Cory's Guest:

Phil and family
David Belleau
Chris Gaetz
Mike Hale
Nathan Giesbrecht
Anthony Gollino
Richard Gollino
Jarrad Horne
Katlin Toombs
Jordan Bishop
Nick Bishop
Erik Kobelka
John Fraser
Nathan Eyerley circa 2003

"our friends" feat. the Alcoholic family
Mitch Charron circa 1999
Thomas Rowe circa 2000
Aaron Johnson
Jesse Booi
Bryan Bot
John Patterson
Jay Zemanek
Rigo Gonzalez
Alex Moser
Ryan Blaxall
Graham Shishkov
Ryan Machan
Tyler Kanters
Darrell Smith
Alexis Lacroix
Glenn Rebic
Nicky Reu
Aaron Sheare
Conlan Killeen
Cheyenne Heir
Todd Myers
Brett Stobbart
Magnus Hanson
Bradley Sheppard
Zach Barton

Keith and Cole's Guest:
John Osterlind

Spark Master Vic:
Dane Pryds
Mike Lyon
Dylan Timmins
Reed Timmins
Caellan Drysdale
Pierce Mckay
Luke Connor
Trevor Mcdermid
Carter Spinks

Michael's Guests:
Rory Fulber
Thomas Paxton

Daniel's Guest:

Trevor's Guests in intro:
Bryan Douma
Jess Atmore

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