Asalaamu Alaikum
A video on the different types of Salaams people do. Enjoy.
(Subtitles coming soon)

The Prophet said: "If two Muslims meet, shake hands, praise Allah, and ask Him for forgiveness, they will be forgiven". (Abu Dawood, Narrated Al-Bara' ibn Azib)

The Prophet said: "Those who are nearest to Allah are they who are first to give a salutation" (Abu Dawood 5178, Narrated Abu Umamah)

More on salaam:

The different types of salaam some people do:
1.Did you say something?
2.The Omar Esa salaam
3.Some eye contact please
4.Not you mate
5.Too hood for your own good
6.Too embarrassed to salaam
7. The Nod
8.The Time machine salaam
9.The flimsy shake
10.The Bad timing salaam
11. Mr Moody

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