Sub Titled: "Environmental Devastation is Everybody's Problem".
Rueben George, Sundance Chief of Tsleil-Wautuuth Nation addresses a huge turnout of dedicated supporters at the Take Back Our Port rally in New Westminster BC..
The issue being fought against is turning the BC coastline into a major shipping hub for US Coal exports to China. Have we no morals shipping a product banned in this country to another country already suffering from extreme air pollution problems. Is it ok to look the other way in exchange for a few jobs and contribute to environmental destruction globally.
It seems once again many of our elected officials think the golden hand shake is worth any environmental price to be paid.
Time for people to standup and take control of their "Public Servants" !
Thanks for watching / Please visit the following sites for more information and to give support in protecting our health & environment.
Petition Site:
More info found here.
Link to UN page showing Canada at the bottom of the countries on environmental protection.

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