Choreographer Melanie Lane and sound producer Chris Clark have created a series of theatre works that seek to blur the boundaries between performance and installation. For „Spacekraft“ they collaborate with visual artist Martin Böttger. The interdisciplinary cast explores a hyper-real world drawn from futuristic fantasies of our architectural environment. The audience is invited to immerse themselves within a visual journey that explores an other-wordly universe, merging body, form and sound.

Choreography: MELANIE LANE | Performance: FLORIAN BÜCKING, MELANIE LANE | Installation & Video: MARTIN BÖTTGER | Sound composition: CHRIS CLARK | Production management & PR: DOREEN MARKERT | Production assistant: RICHARD WAGNER.

PREMIERE March 20th, 2014 @8pm
Further shows: March 21/22/26/27/28/29, 2014


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