Film by Eric Minh Swenson. Music by David Blackburn.

BRETT RUBBICO GALLERY is proud to present Michael Maas in a solo exhibition titled MORE of less. Included are 20 new and exciting Alhambra series paintings that explore form, perception, and a spectrum of colour subtleties and extremes.
Beginning in the front room are very lightly coloured ethereal paintings that seemingly
appear, disappear, and reappear with references to misty spray or off shore wind
blowing water from peaks of waves. Moving to the center gallery is transitional work
that includes shifting values of monochrome grey with airy cloud and fog-like aesthetic.
Continuing toward the back gallery, included are dark and rich paintings providing a
more formal result recalling dusk and the dark of night with moon illumination. Overall,
the work possesses a simply organized, minimal reductive quality, yet maintains
calculated complexity with methodical precision, intricate details, and sophisticated
colour placement. These paintings radically alter the dynamic of space and react to
lighting conditions contingent upon shifts in viewer perspective. All paintings are subtly
nuanced and a delightful discovery to closely study in both compositional form and
colour use.

Exciting biomorphic abstractions revealed in a new body of work, primarily with values
of monochrome whites, greys, and blacks. Illusions of shifting depth, light, and space
evoke dialogue and emotion while ushering a meditative environment.

For more info on Eric Minh Swenson or project inquiries visit his website: You can also visit the art film series page at

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