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37 amateur filmmakers, a handful of cameras, 2 weeks in a small town in Appalachia in the year 2012.

'A Day in the Life of Frostburg (2012)' film tells the story of life in one day in the Appalachian Mountain town of Frostburg, Maryland in the year 2012. The film looks at the wonderful within the ordinary and the everyday wisdom of people around us. The film was shot by a group of 'citizen filmmakers' working independently and together; a unique approach to filmmaking that lets people tell the story of life in their town from the inside out. Over 2,200 clips (nearly 30 hrs of video) were shot during a several-week filming period and then edited together in just 3 weeks to make a 30 minute documentary.

As part of the Frostburg Bicentennial celebrations, 'A Day in the Life of Frostburg (2012)' premiered at 4 times/locations in the city filling each venue to standing room only. Due to popular demand, the entire film was featured on MPT and has been released for free online.

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