Caution: if the movie is too heavy for your computer, please make sure HD is off, so that you can watch smooth one, though the resolution is reducted.

注意: 映像が重くて見にくければ、HDをオフにして見て下さい。解像度は落ちますが映像が滑らかになるので気持ちよく見ていただけます。

Here's a new footage since Kotaro's "Epiphany".

"OBEY" is a message that we all should obey each thought, idea, character, identity, spirit, mind.......
Don't care about others. Sometimes, need to care.
However, what creates you is yourself.

Many riders seem to have their own idea, riding style, how they think. That's important.

Therefore, the title is "OBEY" yourself.

It's not that long......I hope you enjoy.

"OBEY" is created by Fuck Flatland Entertainment.
Supported by Magicfruits, Hangout, Spaceark.

Filiming equipments;

5D Mark II

Planar 50/1.4
Planar 85/1.4
Distagon 25/2.8
Zenitar 16/2.8





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