Yokai are mythical creatures that haunt Japanese culture and Lew Keilar has successfully conjured up his own, the fearsome Spitting Geisha, half arachnid half concubine, as his contribution to the MONSTERBOX project.
Monsterbox will feature 150 different monsters created by illustrators from around the world using the HKS printing system for a consistent, high quality production.
It's a project supported by the editors of Slanted Magazine, FRESH â•„ Cutting Edge Illustrations and Magma Brand Design.

About the video:
Lew Keilar is also a professional whiteboard animator, 2D animator and short film maker.
His short films have screened and won awards in film festivals in New York, Washington DC, Santa Fe, Sydney, Melbourne, Newport, Katoomba and Byron Bay.
His illustrations have been recognized in competition with NY Society of Illustrators, AI-AP and Illustrators Australia.
See his work at lewkeilar.com or view his films by searching 'lewkeilar'.

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