A self-created brick animation to promote my own song "Fat man"

visit soundcloud.com/heartscore/fat-man and download the song free

I wrote the song back in 2000 and I have now rearranged everything and hired a professional singer. You hear "Chris" from studiopros.com
He did an amazing job. I played all guitars and recorded all guitars with amplitube. The clean sounds are created with the Dr.Z models, the dirty sound are done with the marshall-slash-amp. The song was mixed in logic using EZ-Mix.

For the brick animation I used a Panasonic Compact Camera. I have transfered the files then and used Quicktime to combine the pictures to movies scene by scene. All additional animation, for an example the face-animation was done with Gimp.
The movie was then finally set up in blender, where I have cutted the scenes and add the music.
Brick-animation is really a lot of fun, so I think I will do more music-videos in this way

visit heartscore-music for more music

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