Episode 1 of the The Commander Movie

This first episode of the Commander movie takes us to the Arizona desert. In the Arizona desert the planes sleep, forgotten workhorses no longer useful to most, now abandoned in their final resting place. Amongst the skeletons and carcasses of yesterday's aviation stories and dead history is a small centre of life and activity around a shining Silver Bird. This beautiful Dakota DC-3 belongs to the cargo pilot and his transport company. We see the cargo pilot prepare an important cargo flight to deliver some medicines, which will prevent a matter of life and death. It's the right stuff, an absolutely authentic 'no sweat' attitude as condors they fly over the desert to the last frontier and back, in pure freedom unlimited.

Commander The Movie

Old Propliners still fly their tours of duty and the cargo pilots battle the daily discomforts of the high altitude. Low oxygen levels exhaust the man and the machine, while the capricious mountainous climate reveals itself in sudden storms or other circumstances, that appear out of nothing, where the pilot needs to adapt to and stay save.
The Commander is a story about the extreme scene of air cargo transport. a Cargo Pilot with a classic DC-3 that he inherited from his father who started a transport company to supply people at the last frontier. During a flight delivering important medicine across the desert a fuel line brakes. What happens when you lose radio contact and need to make an emergency landing in the middle of the desert. The movie takes you trough one of the heaviest 'white knuckle flight' the pilot has ever faced.

Put trust in your gear

PME Legend presents
A proud Flirt Design production
A film by Frank Uyt den Bogaard

Dorian Isaacson [Aviator | Bare Metal]
Maurice Orozco [Love amongst Thieves]
David H. Clayton [Boneyard employee]
Chris Koval
DC-3 N25648 [Quantum of Solace]
Dick Skip Evans [Quantum of Solace | Con Air]

Director: Frank Uyt den Bogaard
DOP: Johan Sneep
Executive Producer: Diego Ascacibar
Assistant producer: Dando Valle
Gaffer: Hessel Waalewijn
Sound Engineer: David Kox
Sundtrack: Jermain 'Wudstik' van der Bogt
Styling: Geke Hendriks
Photography: Pim van den Bos
Writers: Gavin Matheson / Frank Uyt den Bogaard
Edited by: Johan Sneep

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